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POWERDERM kinetic dermabrasion TREATMENT

PowerDerm Patented Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment works by impressing a dense crystalline compound upon the skin with a “kinetic” force.  With this, we achieve dramatic facial resurfacing, remodeling, and lifting, that cannot be reproduced with any Medical or other Resurfacing tool, or Collagen Injection Fillers.


PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatments can be performed with any one of our 11 Crystal Therapy Collection Formulas.

TREATS: Wrinkles (Eyes, Lips, Cheek, Furrows, Forehead, Neck, Décolleté-Chest, etc.), Increases Lip Size, Dry or Dehydrated, Collagen & Elastin Deficiency, Broken Capillaries, Hyper-Pigmentation, Hypo-Pigmentation, Acne, Acne Scarring, Hollowing of Jaw Line, Sagging Eye Contours, Dark Circles, Impaired Circulation, Marionette Lines and Impressions,   Auto-Immune Disease (Bell’s Palsy, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Sebhorrea), Hormonal Pigmentation (Melasma & Pregnancy Mask) Imbalance (MSH), Superficial Pigment (Sun Damage), Discoloration, Cellulite, Immune Defense, Cell Communication & Health, Fibromyalgia, Skin Disorders – Dermatitis,  Hormonal Imbalance (Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrogen), TMJ, Scars, Stretch Marks, Loose Skin, Broken Capillaries, Spider Veins, etc.


PowerDerm Patented Kinetic Wave Pulsation Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatment for Face & Body causes a Massive exchange of plasma into interstitial fluid and into lymph, and assures 100% Optimal availability of all essential nutrients to the Dermis and to the Skin cells above it, and assures the Optimal removal of all pathogens and metabolic waste products.

TREATS: Acne, Lymphedema, Auto-Immune Disease, Bell’s Palsy, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Sebhorrea, Dermatitis, Wrinkles, Hormonal Pigmentation (Melasma) Imbalance (MSH), Superficial Pigment (Sun Damage), Cellulite, Swollen Neck Fluid, PMS, Menopause, Arthritis, Surgery, Immune Defense, Weight Loss, Cell Communication & Health, Fibromyalgia, Skin Disorders, Fatigue, Insomia, Stress, Digestive Disorders, Migraine, Stiffness, Depression, Hormonal Imbalance (Progesterone, Testosterone, Estrogen), TMJ, tinnitus, gout, scars, stretch marks, loose skin, eczema, neuropathy, broken capillaries, spider veins, increases lip size, dark circles, bags, sleep apnea, asthma, mastitis, etc.


Alpha-Hydroxy Acid, (AHA)/Glycolic Acid Peel Treatments are very effective exfoliants that penetrate several layers deep into the epidermis.  AHA dissolves the “glue” connections between skin cells, lifts dead surface cells off, and releases Collagen and Elastin Peptides throughout the underlying Dermis, giving Immediate FaceLift results. 


AHA Treatment can be performed with any one of our 8 AHA Power Series Formulas.

ChemiPeel Treatment

ChemiPeel Treatment is a phenomenal peel that by itself is a Quick-Fix Beautification FaceLift.  It will safely peel off sun damage, age spots, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation.  It works by dissolving protein within the surface layers of the skin, causing it to lose its vitality, then stiffen, heal, and peel.

U.S. Pharmacopeia Medical Grade Purity Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 16% Solution

Double Peel

The Double Peel provides the benefits of an AHA Power Peel Plus a PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion/Lymphatic Treatment.

This Peel permits the greatest depth of dermabrasion penetration, resulting in flawless, younger appearing, and beautiful skin.

In a Spin Back Time Multiple Treatment Program, it will transform your face into its strongest structure, providing an External/Internal FaceLift that utilizes your body’s natural dermal regeneration response for longer lasting results that replaces collagen filler injections and botox.


This Powerful Duo provides the best features and benefits of PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion/Lymphatic Plus a ChemiPeel in a single treatment session.

The PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion Treatment equalizes the skin’s overall depth and eliminates thick or hardened skin zones that would otherwise impede the ability of the ChemiPeel to do its work–which is to do Wonders! 

The ChemiPeel solution absorbs down several stratum corneum layers, and over a period of 8 to 10 days it will lift off these layers.  The result is a Spectacular FaceLift.


This is the Famous Amazing Triple Peel FaceLift. It consists of an AHA Power Peel, Plus a PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion/Lymphatic, Plus a ChemiPeel.

You get the benefits of each of these three in succession, giving you an unparalleled experience of renewal.  We start this series of peels by dissolving skin cell connective strands with our Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel treatment, followed by deep resurfacing in the second peel with the Patented PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion Peel Treatment. The third and final peel is the ChemiPeel treatment, in which a light acidic solution is applied one layer at a time until the skin “frosts”, indicating completion.

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