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PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion System


PowerDerm Complete System Components & Features:

  • 9 Dermabrasion Control Speeds - Mild to Deep Dermabrasion
  • 20,000 RPM High Speed Motor to Deliver High Torque Speed
  • Doubled Kinetic Rotation Power Torque at Skin Surface
  • 8 Ft. Cord for Maximum Ease for Workspace
  • (1) 3 Oz. Original Formula Kinetic Dermabrasion Crystals (Fragrance Free, Non-Comedogenic, Hypo-Allergenic)
  • (1) 2 Oz. Infusion Phyto-Extract Creme' with 50+ Plant Lipids and Extracts to seal in moisture 
  • High Quality Motor designed for Commercial 12 hour daily use
  • Built to Sustain Long Treatment Time Frames
  • Ultra Smooth Comfort Design
  • Exquisite Ease and Control
  • Ergonomic Lightweight Handset with Zero Heat during use
  • Quiet Operation for Peaceful Client Enjoyment
  • Supplies 25 Dermabrasion Treatments per 3 oz. jar

PowerDerm P9000 Attachment Features & Treatment Advantages:

  • Dermabradors made of Medical Grade Silicon
  • Dermabradors Last up to 10 Years
  • Use Germicide and Barbicide to Sterilize Dermabradors
  • (1) Soft White Dermabrador Attachment - Face & Neck
  • (1) Firm Clear Dermabrador Attachment - Body
  • (1) Facial Cleansing Brush Attachment
  • Perform 3-5 Treatments Per Week, Per Client
  • 12-20 Treatments Per Month for Accelerated Results
  • Month after Month until Desired Beautification Occurs
  • Use with Double, Combo, Triple & SuperGirl Peels
  • Crystal Cost $1.25 Per PowerDerm Treatment
  • PowerDerm Treatment Retail: $25-$75

Spin Back Time. Multiple Treatments replace, renew, and rebuild the skin’s dermal cellular structure, bathing it with your own body’s blood nutrients: oxygen, antioxidants, hormones, vitamins, natural peptides, amino acids and hyaluronic acid. External imperfections are erased and continual cellular regeneration and restructuring of skin internally is accomplished by causing a constant release of Collagen & Elastin Peptide Stem Cells within the Dermis plus Dermal Matrix™ Ground Substance, in a process called Collagenic Matrix Rebuilding™. PowerDerm is the Essential treatment within our Spin Back Time™ Treatment Programs and pivotal in the restoration of a younger looking You.